Sewage Check Valve Flanged rubber products are mainly use: used in water systems, drainage systems, water pumps to export, upgrade pump station and the liquid aeration system. Product Features: rubber flange and valve body into one, the installation is very convenient . All-rubber valve body design, does not cause siltation and the phenomenon of something stuck to reduce maintenance costs, and allow the smooth adoption of solid particles. Body manufactured materials: chloroprene rubber, Haipu Long, NBR rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber, etc.; flange material: Q235, 304,316 and so on.
    Flanged Duckbill valve size standards: there are two kinds of popular country in terms of installation size. An installation flange connection dimensions to the national standard, which is the same culture and engineer by Lee first designed the Duckbill valves, in order to tie in with the national standards, provides for the following 800-caliber Duckbill valve flange standard mixed GB 10 kilograms bolt hole center distance and the flange diameter, more than 800 diameter (inclusive), taking into account the national standard bolt hole center distance of 6 kg and flange diameter. Another dimension is to install the blue valve Jiangsu, Nanjing water-America as represented by its own size, the size of the different national standards, but may be based on American Red valve or Spain screws yardstick.
Installation method and size: from rubber flange, valve, and one made of Ischaemum, and metal flange with a gasket, you can connect with the natural metal flange is directly installed in the tank, piping, and the cofferdam. Installation of connections, flanges and connecting flange size that corresponds to to ensure the connection, after securing an absolute seal, but also careful not to break something the sewage check valve rubber flange lips.

    Duckbill valve pros and cons:
Benefits: Duckbill valve, low cost, such as the use of appropriate rubber material than metal valve service life, easy installation, installation of flexible and diversified ways to repair.
Disadvantages: Rubber Body does not apply to long-term leak-day field operations, using high-quality rubber can not avoid aging.

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