Rubber Sewage Check Valve DN50-1800mm

Rubber Sewage Check Valve DN50-1800mm


    Gongyi City Huitong Pipeline Equipment Factory is the industry's leading new environment-friendly sewage rubber valve (Duckbill valve) Professional manufacturer of rubber products are the sewage check valve in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 international quality management system management. = Huitong Pipeline Equipment Factory of Gongyi City Sewage rubber valve (Duckbill valves) experts is committed to the sewage perennial rubber valve (Duckbill valves) research and development and continuously develop high-tech sewage rubber valve (Ap mouth valves) high-quality products. In addition, the company can provide users with rubber Sewage Check Valve Design, Check Valve Rubber sewage flow design, standard and non-standard design and manufacture of rubber Sewage Check Valve. Tel :0371-64011955 0371-64011655


The scope of application of sewage check valve rubber
1, apply to sewage systems
XL-T (F • S)-type rubber check valve to prevent sewage flooding and sewage intrusion into the sewers and basements, to avoid great losses.
2, for drainage system
XL-T (F • S)-type rubber check valve to prevent sewage water level rose, flooding intrusion into the urban surface, the sewage treatment plant drainage pumping station.
3, apply to the dam discharge
Yantan emissions, the troubled-door question is: garbage clogging the stone so that the door can not be safely shut down film or can not be opened in these areas using the XL-T (F • S)-type rubber sewage check valve will solve this problem .
 4, applicable to the airport, highway drainage
XL-T (F • S)-type rubber sewage check valve for use in airport, highway drains a large area, effectively preventing back flow.
 5 for discharge of sewage pond
XL-T (F • S)-type rubber check valves to prevent sewage from the sewage pool of a water segment embedded into the other water segment. In the untreated sewage in the normal operation of the valve would not be affected, such as plastic, twigs, or silk and other effects.
6, odor vaginal septum
In the pipeline installed XL-T (F • S)-type rubber sewage check valve can prevent the smell of sewage or the proliferation of flavored fluid and can readily drain.
7, suitable for sewer discharge
In the rainy season, rubber sewage check valve to prevent the river from the city sewer irrigation to city streets.
8, aeration system
XL-T (F • S) Rubber Check Valve is a municipal sewage, factory aeration system an ideal choice.
 9, for pumping system
XL-T (F • S)-type rubber valve for large-scale drainage of sewage pumping stations in order to prevent reflux after pump shutdown. Full rubber structure of XL-T (F • S)-type rubber sewage check valve to prevent seawater corrosion, head loss.
Structural characteristics of the sewage check valve rubber
XL-T (F • S)-type Sewage Check Valve Rubber elastic rubber material with high-quality, built-in fiber reinforced rubber structure of the entire valve products, It is based on mechanical analysis and stress calculation for different operating conditions, using different the design of the mechanism of selection of different rubber formulations made in accordance with special technology, the body's own special flexibility to ensure the maximum pressure at the same time engage in to ensure minimal loss of water to achieve emission of perfect unity with the nature of resistance.
XL-T (F • S)-type rubber sewage check valve in the pump test conducted in water testing, and can provide users with accurate test reports and performance graphs.


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